WatchITgrow is a collaboration platform for everyone in the sector, from growers, contractors and advisors to buyers. The platform offers numerous functionalities and benefits to monitor your crops more smoothly, but it also offers the possibility to set up a closer cooperation between individual growers and buyers. Moreover, WatchITgrow is not limited to potatoes, you can also monitor other arable crops or vegetables. 


Pourquoi WatchITgrow est-il intéressant pour vous en tant que agriculteur ?

  • One platform to monitor arable crops (maize, sugar beets, wheat,…) and vegetables (peas, beans, spinach, carrots,…)
  • Simplify your crop monitoring thanks to satellite data, weather data, etc.
  • Receive detailed information about your crop and notifications about field changes
  • Make your own application maps based on satellite data:
    • Variable rate planting with shadow maps (currently available for Flanders only)
    • Variable rate fertilization, irrigation and haulm killing (available in the course of 2019)
  • Receive more personalized advice
  • Increase your yields in a sustainable way, both qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Store and submit your field data digitally
  • Receive a financial bonus *
  • Share data between your WatchITGrow and Vegaplan accounts (from 2020 onwards)

* financial bonus: Belgian growers will receive a financial bonus from their buyers (companies associated with Belgapom) when they actively use the platform to submit field data, including info on irrigation and actual yields. 



Why is WathITgrow interesting for you as a buyer?

  • Receive field data digitally from your growers
  • Simplify follow up and optimize your resources
  • Cooperate more closely with your growers by monitoring the crop together
  • Receive a discount for the WatchITgrow license fee *
  • Increase production in a sustainable way
  • Strengthen the leading position of Belgium