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Flaxsense 2.0! Data science in flax cultivation

VITO, Inagro, ILVO and the General Belgian Flax Association develop a monitoring tool for the flax sector.

WaterRadar: alternative water resources for agriculture

Crops need water to grow and produce successful harvests.

Zone-specific field management with WatchITgrow and the Soil Service of Belgium

As part of the PPIDD demonstration project, the Soil Service of Belgium and VITO Remote Sensing joined forces and the WatchITgrow platform was further expanded.

Climate measures - Join the 'Klimrek' survey for potatoe farmers!

By completing this survey, you can be co-architect of the 'climate scan' for your sector and help to develop climate measures with farm economic profit that enable climate robust farms.

Europatat - Online survey for potato farmers (<15 minutes!)

The ADAPT (‘Accelerated Development of multiple-stress tolerant potato’) project, in which Europatat is involved, has 

Citizen science towards heat and drought - cultivation of potatoes as a ‘side dish’!

'CurieuzeNeuzen in de Tuin' will monitor and map heat and drought in 5.000 private gardens and public green spaces.  Howev

New features coming in WatchITgrow in 2020

Also in 2020 we have several new developments scheduled for WatchITgrow. We are happy to give you an overview of the new features you can expect in the platform this year.

Variable rate haulm killing via WatchITgrow

Discover the new features

WatchITGrow release new and improved features!